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i'm going to assume you're not a threat [open]


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Post by smith on Aug 8, 2021 12:21:03 GMT

sedgestream purred as she lay on the lowest branch of one of the many maple trees that scattered oakclan's territory. it was a lovely area, much nicer than the city she was raised in. her soft tail dangled from the branch, just visible as the tip emerged slightly from the green leaves. life was good.

with a smile on her face, sedgestream leaned her head forwards towards the trunk of the tree and began to lick some of the sap it secreted. a delicious snack indeed, imfact it was one of the calico she-cat's favourites. she let out a soft yawn before resting her head back on her paws, wobbling slightly as she began to lose her balance. thankfully, she managed to dig her short claws into the bark to save herself from falling. relieved, sedgestream shut her eyes once more, half falling asleep with a relaxed smile on her face.

yet, it was't long before she was awoken by the sound of footsteps in the grass. she cracked open one eye to quickly glance around the floor but couldn't spot who it was, her vision slightly blurred from sleep. "i'm going to assume you're not a threat," she called out softly to whoever or whatever had made the noise, strongly doubting that either a predator or intruder would be nearby.

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Post by bumblebee on Aug 9, 2021 21:04:57 GMT

She rolled her shoulders, trying to force down a wide yawn. These kinds of sunhighs always made her so sleepy. Maple Forest was one of the few places where she felt a bit of relief from the constant heat from the sun. The worry of OakClan losing more and more water as the days rolled by. Her throat was constantly parched, and she swallowed back the dry patch with a wince. She hoped that Foxstar had an idea on what to do. And she also desperately hoped that it would have nothing to do with the other clans. They had enough to worry about without wondering how NightClan or DawnClan were doing.

As soon as she reached the Maple Forest, she breathed out a sigh of relief, seeking refuge in the cool shadows. Dewcloud shook her fur out, feeling a nice lightness to herself before her thick fur pressed against her once more.

The fluffy molly let out a sigh and arched her back in a stretch, though paused halfway, as she heard a voice. Peering up in the trees, she saw the familiar calico fur of Sedgestream. Something about her being a loner, like Dewcloud’s mother, sent a flicker gentleness through her.

"Not threat," Dewcloud called up, her tail tip twitching slightly. “Did I wake you up?” She pounced on a branch nearby the other warrior, settling down with a slight sigh.

Though I have to ask,” she continued with her whiskers twitching in amusement. “What would’ve you done if I was a threat? I assume sleep on them.” She gestured with her tail at the warrior’s relaxed state.


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Post by smith on Aug 13, 2021 16:03:51 GMT

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sedgestream jumped slightly when dewcloud jumped onto a nearby branch, not expecting the other warrior to join her up in the tree. yet, she couldn't blame her- it was a beautiful spot for lounging, not too hot or cold, and generally pretty private. she nodded slowly, keeping only a single pale green eye open to talk to the other she-cat, "yes, but it's okay, hun, don't worry about it," she purred kindly, a small smile on her face. sedgestream hadn't really wanted to have been woken up, but she enjoyed the company nonetheless, plus, she had never much minded dewcloud, even though the grey warrior could be argumentative at times, infact she rather liked it- it reminded her of two of her kits, in a way.

the calico couldn't help but chuckle at dewcloud's question, "hmm," she started, raising a paw to lick it, "i honestly think i would've ignored you," she continued with a purr, "when the coast was clear, i'd head back to camp to warn them, but i'm not about to fight an intruder or predator on my own, you know... i'd get killed."

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