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Post by smith on Aug 8, 2021 11:03:22 GMT

it was around mid-afternoon and the sun's brigjt rays shone through cracks within the tree branches, illuminating and warming oakclan camp. and where there was warm sun, there was also sedgestream, lazing around and enjoying the heat on her fur. this was a very average day for sedgestream, laying on her belly, limbs tucked underneath her, and pale eyes closed. she was a very peaceful cat, considered lazy by most. maybe she was rather lazy, but that's how she had been her entire life. despite never having been a kittypet, the calico warrior had never worked hard for anything in her life, relying on two leg scraps and abandoned buildings in her youth. although she had to admit, she was much happier having to work and getting to spend the rest of her days in a clan than do no work and be alone.

yawning, sedgestream cracked one eye open to see if anyone was around, although she highly doubted that anyone would be, not at this time of day. however, she was pleasantly surprised when she saw her son, mistpaw, around the entrance to the apprentices' den.

"mistpaw, she chirped, hoping she was loud enough to hear and motioning for him to come over to her with a white paw.

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Post by adrian on Aug 9, 2021 21:53:14 GMT

->> Mistpaw <<-

Gathering moss, though one of the more disliked chores, happened to be one of Mistpaw's favorites. He had arranged a nice pile in front of the apprentice's den, sorting through it to take out any small twigs or thorns that may have come with it. After he had lined it all up to dry, he took a mouthful and started towards the elder's den. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted his mother, Sedgestream. She was calling him over. He pranced back over to his moss pile and laid it back down, then turned on his heels to head towards her. The mid-afternoon sun felt quite nice against his fur, as he shook away a few drops of dew he had collected from the moss. 

Once he was within a tail length, he sat back on his haunches and nodded towards her. "Hi!" he mewed, curling his tail over his paws.
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Post by smith on Aug 13, 2021 16:13:29 GMT

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sedgstream smiled widely when she realised that her son, mistpaw, had in fact heard her calls, purring as she untucked her paws from beneath her and let them lay out in front of her body. "how have you been doing, love?" she asked resting her chin on her paws to look up at the smaller cat. "i see you've been collecting moss for the apprentices, that's nice," she started, eyes wide as she waited for him to answer. it had been a while since she had caught up with any of her kits- they all seemed to be constantly busy doing warrior and apprentice duties, and although it saddened her a little to watch them grow up, she couldn't help but be proud of what they had all achieved.

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