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Post by Tactical on Aug 8, 2021 0:51:46 GMT

As soon as Eveningstar saw the young apprentice born he knew that she was JUST like Paletongue. It hurt to be in the light, the light made seeing incredibly difficult, he sighed softly. He remembered when Palekit was just in the nursery, he pleaded with Spottedmoth to take him as an apprentice so he wouldn't be confined to the elders den with no life. She agreed of course.

Paletongue was too young for him to plead to take Lilypaw so naturally he made her apprentice. The question was really, whether or not she would be a succesful warrior. Sure she would be able to do dusk and moon high patrols, and stand guard, but so many of her clan mates would be out and about during the day...

He cleared his throat before awkwardly making his way towards the apprentices den. He poked his head in and his features softened. "Lilypaw how about we take a walk?" He whispered as to not wake the sleeping apprentices. It would be just a few hours before Sunrise and they would need their strength for training.


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Post by ravenmist4 on Aug 11, 2021 7:23:22 GMT

Lilypaw had taken to a somewhat nocturnal schedule. Her former, daylight-ridden experience was nothing short of disastrous. Missing prey, the harsh sunrays managing to strike through her fur and burn her sensitive (as she had belatedly realized) skin. Due to her advantageous position of being the second-born kit within her clan with such a condition, she had the option of seeking out her predecessor and half-brother, Paletongue, for advice on conducting daily life. However...

Paletongue was a very withdrawn cat. Despite her best efforts to impress him throughout her kithood, she couldn't help but feel as though she was a nuisance. The last thing she wanted was to distract him from his duties, so she found herself learning what worked and what didn't through somewhat painful trial and error. 

Having slept throughout the afternoon, she now found herself wide awake in the apprentice den; too sore to train once more, yet too restless to bother with additional, needless rest.

As though Starclan heard her prayers for something productive to do, Nightclan's leader ducked his head into the den, gazing straight at her. Her head quickly lifted from where it laid upon her paws, posture stiffening in a mixture of rapt attention and obedience. 

"Lilypaw, how about we take a walk?

A walk? She hadn't the slightest clue why, but if Eveningstar asked, there ought to be a perfectly normal reasoning behind it. Nodding eagerly, she stood and stretched out her forepaws before heading to the entrance of the den.

"Is... something the matter?" She asked softly once they exited, peering at him curiously. The normal vitriol of her voice completely gone whilst in the audience of the most important authority figure within the clan. "I haven't been slacking off, if that's what this is about-- my hours may be odd, but I train the hardest out of the apprentices, I assure you!" 



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Post by Tactical on Aug 19, 2021 18:45:20 GMT

The black tom blinked slowly as the white apprentice began to speak about working hard and not slacking off. He cleared his throat before shaking his head gently. "No I know you do. Just...let's take a walk." The black tom flicked his tail before pushing out of the camp entrance, the cool leaves and dirt hitting his paws. It was rather refreshing after a humid day. There was something about night time that was just pleasant. Perhaps it was the fireflies zooming about, or the soft chirping of peeper frogs, or even the lapping of the water against the edges of their territory. Either way it was relaxing.

He looked at the Albino she-cat with a tilt of his head pondering how she could truly be a warrior. She would never be able to have the same relationships as the others as most were awake during the day while she was slumbering blissfully in her nest. Even his deputy had to adjust their sleeping schedule to properly train her. His mind zoomed for a moment as they walked in silence thinking... there had to be a way.

"I'm sure you know by now... that you are different than the rest like Paletongue." He mewed softly, pausing for a moment. He parted his jaws slightly to make sure there was no danger before contuing forward towards the bridge. For some reason he was always drawn to it, it seemed to be the best place to have a conversation. It was peaceful and mind opening.

"Nightstar was going to send Paletongue to the Elders den but instead I pleaded with Spottedmoth to take him as her apprentice." HE continued. This wasn't something he shared with anyone before but Lilypaw needed to know that she was different and would need to work harder than the rest of her peers. "Your path is different just as I'm different than NIghtstar when I made you an apprentice you were and still are of course determined to be a warrior of Nightclan" He just hoped she understood just how valuable she was.

"I hope you understand..." He mewed softly, kicking a couple of pebbles into the water. He watched the ripples while carefully side glancing to see Lilypaws expression.


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Post by ravenmist4 on Sept 1, 2021 7:46:17 GMT

The lack of an explanation caused the curiosity to quickly form into a pit of nervousness, deep within her underbelly. The odd looks he kept shooting at her didn't reassure her, either.

"I'm aware." Lilypaw replied, the response ending more curtly than she would have liked. Starclan, perhaps the others did have a point when they prodded at her tone and temper; if she was getting even the slightest bit short with Eveningstar, of all warriors, it ought to be bad.

"Wait, really? He hadn't..." Trailing off, Lilypaw concentrated deeply. Why hadn't Paletongue told her? Was the topic too sensitive for him, even now? Did he even know what Eveningstar had done for him?

I'm not going to be sent to the Elder's den too, am I...?

Her tail began to lag behind her, deflating as she pondered the miserable potential of her future. Even when he replied, Eveningstar's reassurance felt like a weak attempt at comfort, and she directed her gaze to the mud floor beneath them so he wouldn't see her pitiful expression and twitching whiskers.

Lilypaw always gave her all to prove that she can and will be superior to her clanmates, despite what they may think of her. Even unknowingly, had she passed some sort of test..? If she hadn't trained so hard, would she have been delegated to staying in camp all day, sorting herbs for her brother and cleaning bedding?

"Is that all you wanted to tell me?" Her meow was small, normally venomous tone washed away, as though her enthusiasm had fallen into the swamp waters and drowned like some Oakclan apprentice.



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Post by Tactical on Sept 7, 2021 17:19:39 GMT

The leader blinked slowly listening to her speak."No there is more." He mewed. She was incredibly determined to become a warrior. That fire that she had, that would be the strength that she had above the rest. The others were able to become warriors just by doing their day to day tasks. Here was different. Lilypaw had to train harder, and only train with those willing to put in the time. That's where it became difficult.

"I am changing Nightclan as I mentioned I am much different from Nightstar. What she thought were weaknesses...are strengths in my eyes." His ton reflected confidence as he found the proper words to formulate his idea into action. His ears swiveled slightly picking up the croaking of frogs, and the chirps of crickets. Yes his plan would soon come into play.

"What do you hear besides the frogs and crickets nothing correct?" The tom was clearly getting excited as his tail began to swivel back and forth."I want Nightclan to be day time and night time. Warriors who sleep all day and train in the night, and day warriors who sleep in the night and are awake in the day. Our ceremonies will be held between shift change. At Dusk as the sun begins to set. You inspired me for this." He mewed. It was an excellent idea. Nightclan would be the clan that never slept. He would make sure of it.

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