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In the light of the moon (Nightclan deputy ceremony)


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Post by Tactical on Aug 5, 2021 19:27:34 GMT

**special note this is a past RP of one moon ago**

In the light of the full moon, the black tom paced back and forth trying to wrap his mind around all the recent events. Surely this was Starclan punishing them for their sins...his sins... he closed his eyes tightly mind racing. Each patrol he sent to look for Condorjaw all said the same, his scent disappeared near the deepest of swamp waters. He didn't want to admit such a tragic death for a strong warrior. The thought of being eaten alive sent a chill down his spine.

He paused for a moment, why would a warrior as seasoned as he even wander that close to those horrid monsters? He asked himself the same question about Spottedmoth whom had perished after eating berries. He looked towards the clearing where cats were starting to whisper. If he didn't make his choice soon surely Starclan would send their wrath once more.

His one good yellow eye fell on three cats first he looked at Pouncefox the son of Redmoss the deputy before he if he weren't so young the warrior would have almost been perfect. His mind wandered before landing on two siblings Crowdance and Duskracer but who...after contemplating he left his den, before leaping onto the packed pile of prey bones.

He let out a loud cry, the moonlight shining on his black fur. After much deliberation he finally decided he just hoped that Nightsar, Redmoss, and Condorjaw would also approve. "The time to pick the new deputy is now!" He mewed. He watched as cats gathered all murmuring about who he would pick. He swiveled his head, locking a firm gaze to Duskracer before giving a light nod. "I hope that Nightstar, Redmoss, and Condorjaw approve of my choice. Nightclan's deputy will be Duskracer!"

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