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Post by aelita 🌷 on Oct 8, 2021 14:16:17 GMT

he/him ✧ dawnclan warrior

the sound of the eagle shriek in his ears was deafening. the flap of wings behind him encouraged him to keep running away from the patrol of cats so that they could pounce on its back. driftstorm had to admit, this had to be the most exciting thing he'd ever done in his life. the adrenaline itself was keeping him from stopping. he had been given one task: distract the bird long enough to get it into a position of weakness, then, and only then, they would strike. as he was running, his eyes darted across the terrain for somewhere to duck when the eagle was low enough.


a thick line of thorny bushes was ahead, with a dip below it. the eagle wouldn't dare follow him in there, it would get stuck, and if it did, it would only be easier on them. in one swift leap, he shot underneath the bushes. the thorns stung his pelt, but the eagle would hurt a lot worse. since he had jumped in headfirst, little cuts formed on his face and torso and began to bleed. the eagle screeched, grabbing its talons at the bushes in an attempt to catch driftstorm. its wings beat against the bushes in an attempt to shake the tom out. however, he laid flat against the ground. nearly out of breath, he shouted, "now! you need to do it now! go!"

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Post by wolfpool on Oct 28, 2021 14:11:08 GMT

The DawnClan warrior, felt a rush of exeitment as Driftstorm ran away, with the eagle at his hils. If he wouldn't have found a thorn bush to hide under, just in time to escape from the sharp talons, Ivyspark would have been ready to shild his nephew with his own body. 

When Driftstorm shouted, he felt his heart beating faster. " Now or never. " He thought as he jumped out of his hiding place. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, and with a strong push of his hind legs, he pounced at the back of the winged beast.

The eagle was much bigger, and stronger, but with the element of surprise he was able to pin it down. He could feel the tense muscles under his paws, and how the creature was shaking from the scorching anger. His claws dug deeply into its back, and he refused to let it go no matter how hard the bird tried to escape from his grip. The sharp feathers whiped his face, and the loud screeching hurt his ears, but he had an important mission to focus on.

Get the eagle away from driftstorm. 

With a bite into the storng shoulder, and tried to drag it away from his nephew, but it looked like, the eagle found it's strenght again. Ivyspark was only able to drag it a few inches away from the thorn bush, before the eagle put on a fight.
It flapped its wings frantically, and tried to move its head, so it can nip the warrior's face, now forgetting about the other cat who was hiding in the bush. 

Ivyspark wanted to yell to the rest of the patrol, but he didn't dare to move his head, since it was somewhat protected from the eagle's fury. Instead he bit down harder, and hoped the help would come soon. He could feel the warm blood, driping down on his chin as the eagle let out a cry loud enough to make the other sounds around the two disappear for a few secondd. 

" If they want to come and help me keep this thing on the ground, now would be the best time. " 

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