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WANTED: Lucky Dip Designs


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Post by KingHarry on Aug 3, 2021 20:32:19 GMT

Hi guys!

The celebrate the opening of the forum, we're going to have a character design lucky dip! Members will pick a number from a list and receive a random character design.

The problem? Well, there's almost 30 of you! That's a lot of designs we need in case everybody wants to claim one! So, to get around this, I'm hoping you lovely people would be happy to help out!

I'm hoping that some of you lovely people would like to help out. I'm hoping to collect at least 30 designs - enough that every member can have one if they would like. If we collect more than that, we'll do a round two of the lucky dip. If there's still some left after that, the designers can either take the remainders back, or they can be saved for the next time we do this.

How this works:

  1. You design between 1-3 cats. You can draw these from scratch, or you could use a lineart - either is fine! Your design can look like anything as long as it would be accepted on the forum - feel free to show me to check if you're not sure.
  2. You post the form below, then you send me the designs (either via DM on discord, or PM on here). Make sure you don't show the designs to anybody else!!
  3. I save them. When the lucky dip opens, I DM you to let you know which numbers not to pick if you want to join in.
  4. Everyone that wants to join in posts in the lucky dip to claim a random design from somebody else!

Does that make sense? If it doesn't, please feel free to ask questions! If it does, brilliant! 

EDIT: Forgot to add!!! Anyone that donates designs can claim a minor item!


[b]Number of Designs Submitted:[/b]


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