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Post by jules on Aug 3, 2021 18:34:59 GMT

she/her pronouns || closed training thread ||

The young she-cat stood haphazardly atop a rocking, questionably stable water monster floating, abandoned, in the quiet bayou. Close to the river's mouth, this part of the bayou contained soft waves that gently lapped against the reeds and cattails protruding from the shore. Her only company out here were hungry moccasins, sand crabs who feasted upon the microscopic life of the bayou's loamy soil, and many varieties of agile shorebirds. Occasionally, they'd be able to hear the earth-shaking roar of a gator, but alligators tended to stay away from the brackish parts of the bayou. So, more or less, Garpaw was safe. What happened next all depended on what her mentor, the smug Pouncefox, had on the schedule for her today.

A particularly hearty wave then grazed the edge of the dilapidated rowboat, sending a splattering of murky water all over the she-cat's paws. "Wah!" She chirped, flinching and squinting her eyes shut. Then, quick as the water had violated her pelt, her demeanor changed completely. "POUNCEFOX," She demanded. "Whyyyyy did you bring me here? When do I get to fight something? What's the point of standing on this twoleg garbage? Other apprentices don't do stuff like this." The young apprentice grumbled and whined, irritated, moody, and now soaking wet with lukewarm swamp goo.



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Post by bugbito on Aug 10, 2021 8:41:04 GMT

he/him, warrior, 

Pouncefox hadn't been chosen as Nightclan's next deputy. 
Pouncefox was just a measly warrior with the duty of training a young, and annoying apprentice.

The rusty colored tom gracefully padded across the sunken row-boat, avoiding the pieces of rotten wood sticking up, ready to strike soft paw pads. A bird chirped above their heads and he peered up into the dense foliage, but saw nothing except a blazing sun and rustling leaves. Pouncefox leaped onto the bayou forest floor, his paws slightly sinking into the muddiness, his paws protected by the thicker layer of moss and dead foliage.

Whipping his head to look at Garpaw, his eyes narrowed. It was obvious the warrior was not in a good mood. Was he ever in a good mood though? His large ears flicked as a mosquito buzzed near them.

"I brought you here because this is OUR territory. You must learn to fight and hunt in even the worst areas of the bayou" The tom retorted back firmly. He waited for Garpaw to join him on the ground, grumbling lowly as he waited for her impatiently.

"First lesson," Pouncefox tapped his paw upon a large rock, claw marks etched into the top. It was obvious that once plants like moss and lichens and vines had made their home atop it, but they were ripped out to expose the pure rock. 

"These rocks? They mark solid land. It feels muddy beneath us, but it's safe. Look out for these. If you step somewhere where you'll sink into the mud, I'm NOT pulling you out" Pouncefox snorted as he then turned around and began following a narrow path through the gangly trees and thick foliage.

Parting his jaws slightly, Pouncefox let the scents flow through his nose and mouth, trying to identify any prey item that may be lurking about. 
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