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Post by smith on Aug 3, 2021 0:34:50 GMT

crowdance purred as he stepped towards the edge of nightclan's borders where they were then met with unclaimed territory. well, unclaimed wasn't exactly an accurate word... many rogues claim to own it but if they really did, one would think that they'd at least try to defend it instead of just letting nightclanners wander on over there whenever they wanted. he wouldn't usually take a break from his warrior duties, but after finishing with the noon patrol, he decided that he would head on over to the bayou docks where his friend and sister, duskracer, could usually be found as the two had planned to meet there that sunrise. due to the fact that he took on so many jobs so often, he rarely got the time to go and have meaningful conversations with those close to him (apart from lunchtime and night of course) so he was rather excited to finally be spending some time with one of his favourite cats again.

humming softly to himself, he sped up a little bit as he headed towards the docks, relieved to finally be walking on some actual solid ground for once instead of having to carefully pick spots to step where he knew he wasn't going to be swallowed by the floor beneath him. a wide, toothy smile appeared on his face when he saw duskracer was already there.

"hello!" he grinned, running to go sit beside them, "how have you been?"

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Post by adrian on Aug 9, 2021 22:16:29 GMT

->> Duskracer <<-

The dark tabby feline laid out lazily on on one of the wood panels of the dock, grooming themself.  The last light of the midday sun shone down hazily against the grimy waters below. It was so murky, in fact, she could barely make out her own reflection, even in the daylight. The birds had began to chirp softly in the anticipation of catching some lunch themselves. The sound was so relaxing, in fact, the deputy almost nodded off right where she was. The sound of pawsteps woke her from her dreary half sleep, and she turned to see her brother, Crowdance, had the same idea as well. She rose to her paws, attempting to look more alert. "Ah, come here often?" she joked, moving to the start of the dock to meet him.

"I'm just fine, enjoying the wind down of the morning before I have to sort out afternoon patrol." She was still getting used to her new duties as deputy, and often found it difficult to fit time in for these usual meetings with Crowdance. Though, she had still managed to make it here a bit early. 


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Post by smith on Aug 13, 2021 16:25:58 GMT

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crowdance let out a quiet laugh at duskracer's question, beginning to lower his whole body to the ground and get comfortable. wriggling slightly on the uncomfortable ground, he finally rested on his side, propped up on his elbows, "occasionally to check for rogues and intruders," he started, taking a quick glance around to make sure that there were none in that very moment, "i just can't trust your patrols to actually do their job properly, i'm sure they're going to miss something someday," he began to ramble slightly, quietening down when he realised what he was doing.

"no, i actually came here to look for you," he noted with a purr, "we haven't caught up in a while," he nodded, watching duskracer move towards him.

crowdance's ears perked when the other began to speak again, having been reminded by their statement that duskracer had recently been promoted, "ah yes, you're the new deputy now, aren't you?" he smiled, happy for his friend but slightly jealous that he hadn't been given the position himself, afterall he thought he deserved it. yet, he wasn't about to make a fuss of it and decided to just be proud of his littermate, "how's that going?" he asked, intrigued.

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