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Post by Sorrel on Aug 2, 2021 21:31:11 GMT

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Accepted Currency
- USD/Paypal [DM for detail]

- On-site Currency [TBA]

- Traded Goods:
  • On-site Items
  • Character Designs (DM for appraisal; do not have to be cats)
  • Non-Premium Currency or Items in other games:
    - Wolf-Haven
    - Shiny or HA Pokemon in Sun/Moon (Or ORAS/XY)
    - PokeFarm Q (I'm a newbie so, any help is appreciated)
    - More games to be added

  • One-Time & Special Offers:
    - Buy me DLC for a Steam game I have (Never over 10$ USD)
    - Once per Person: Try out WindRose (There's no referral rewards, I just love this game/site)
    - Comm Bundle: Get a bundle of commissioned pieces over time for buying me anything on my wishlist (tba)
    - One Fortnite Cosmetic (Characters or Dances only)

Current Commissions
Comm type 1
2, etc

Retired/Seasonal Commissions

In-Progress & Waiting List
1. user - comm type, character(s) - payment, half/full/unpaid - zero/sketch/line/color/shade/complete



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[ Alerts ]
●︎ Clans are reforming and are on high alert
●︎ The high water from melting has created a super green environment. Prey is rather plentiful
●︎ Water levels appear to be rising due the melting snow in Dawnclan
●︎ Weather is very warm, the snow and ice in Dawnclan is melting!
[ Rank Changes ]
●︎ A leader for Nightclan has been chosen! Congrats Skystar!
●︎ Thistletea has been appointed medicine cat of Oakclan

[ Deaths ]


[ Weather Status ]
The air is warm and and wet making it a bit hard to breathe. The hot weather is causing the snow to melt in Dawnclan territory. This is causing water levels to rise.

[ Prey Status ]
Prey is plentiful in all clans!

[ Herb Status ]
The rising water has hidden some herbs in Oakclan and Nightclan but water thriving plants seem to be growing in high abudance!


Leader: Silverbane
Deputy: Reserved (Ameri)
Medicine Cat: Frostbite
Toms: 0 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Dawnclan Allegiances

Leader: Reserved (Kaz)
Deputy: Reserved (Wolfpool)
Medicine Cat: Thistletea
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Oakclan Allegiances

Leader: Skystar
Deputy: Reserved (smith)
Medicine Cat:Reserved (fireflake)
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 1

Nightclan Allegiances

Rogues: Toms: 2 She-cats: 0 Other: 1
Loners: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0
Kittypets: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0

Outsider Allegiances


[ Staff ]
⬧︎ Tactical ⬧︎ Admin
⬧︎Mew⬧︎ Moderator
⬧︎Dofferz⬧︎ Moderator


[ Credits ]
⬧︎Site Banner ⬧︎ - Ravenmist
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