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don't mind me, just crying over fictional cats

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Post by mew on Aug 30, 2021 21:22:04 GMT

he/him • nightclan warrior

The battle cry rang out as Eveningstar caterwauled and launched himself at the OakClan leader, leaving the warriors to follow suit. Water splattered against the ground as Redfang slipped swiftly out of the river alongside his clanmates. His dark pelt clung to his muscles and his long tail snapped wetly as he sprinted into the throng of cats. His breathing was fast, and yet level as he caught sight of Tumblepaw’s snowy pelt crashing into the large OakClan warrior who had spoken up before. The sight surged him forward as the ruddy tabby smashed into a splotchy black and white warrior from the other side.

Long claws lanced Redfang’s shoulder as the slender OakClan warrior opposing him leapt onto the tabby tom’s back, though the NightClanner’s slick coat made it hard for his opponent to keep his footing. The harlequin warrior toppled sideways, leaving Redfang to swiftly kick him in the side of the head before spinning around to face his foe. Amber eyes blazed as they locked onto the opposing warrior’s icy gaze, but in his distraction, another body roughed bumped into his side as he was sure another pair of squabbling cats were fighting next to them, and the black and white warrior tore off in another direction. With his dazed opponent gone, Redfang swung his damp head around to look for another to cross claws with, yowling angrily as he dove back into the fray.


he/him • oakclan warrior

Thistlemint hissed as his head throbbed violently, his claws sinking into the moist earth as he attempted to regain his bearings. Vitriol dripped from the curses he spat as his blurry vision cleared, shaking his head with assurance before scanning over the evening scene. His cool stare pinned itself to Foxstar’s bright pelt as he witnessed her double under the NightClan leader’s dark body before shooting up. The young tom’s lips pulled back in a sour snarl at the thought of Foxstar’s coat sodden with blood as he sprinted off in the leaders’ direction.

However, in order to aid his leader, he would have to first reach her side, and the bodies of snapping and swiping warriors posed a well-enough barrier from Foxstar and Eveningstar. Frustrated, Thistlemint roared angrily aloud as he braced his slim shoulders and barreled into the nearest NightClan cat standing between him and OakClan’s leader. Rearing back up, the black and white tom hoped to bring their pelt between his teeth as he lunged forward with a snapping jaw.

notes::  anyone can feel free to attack either of these two ^^
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Post by zeldahime on Aug 31, 2021 3:09:14 GMT

Eveningstar had not called for her, yet she was here all the same. Something had pricked at the back of her mind to tell her to tag along, and Wolfthroat has always been and will always been the most stubborn cat on the face of the earth. Her mind is made up, and no-one can tell her no. So here she slinks, surveying the bridge fight from a safe vantage point. Cold eyes flicker to find Eveningstar in the fray, and spot him just when he gives the go-ahead. Great timing on her part.
She’ll leave that fight to them, however. She doesn’t want to get caught up in the fight between Eveningstar and Foxstar - she’s only one life to their collective, what, 17? But her eyes do manage to catch Tumblepaw as she approaches an Oakclan warrior. He’s no match for her! What is she doing here? But Wolfthroat stops in her steps, making no movement to stop Blackheart from swiping out at Tumblepaw - it’s not her apprentice, and she’s not in the middle of that fight. Tumblepaw shouldn’t even be here.
Any cat should call her cruel, and would be right.
Wolfthroat will turn her attention elsewhere.
Making to find someone to sink her teeth into, she ends up being the one sunken into - () Thistlemint comes snapping to her attention with a chunk of her shoulder in his maw. He might’ve been slimmer than she, but he had strength, and Wolfthroat could see he was younger of the two. She’s probably counting her prey before it’s caught, but she judges this may be an easy fight. Quickly does she aim to draw herself from Thistlemint’s grasp, pushing outwards with her claws to hopefully, well, claw him off of her.

OOC: i roll for hits/misses with a D20! wolfy is open for attack from anyone ^o^
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Post by Broadfae on Sept 1, 2021 0:19:04 GMT

So intent on her capture, Tumblepaw was almost surprised herself when the big cat didn't dodge her - instead her smaller weight pummeling into him with significant force; but not nearly enough for a cat her size or age to even begin to hope and take down. Her paws scrabbled for a moment to pierce fur, and she might have gotten one or two scratches in before she rolled off and landed with a light thump on the other side, paws catching underneath her as she shook her head and tried to regain her senses.

"What do you know?!" She snipped; mud-encrusted fur rising along the ridge of her spine in her best attempt to look intimidating, needle-sharp teeth bared. "I caught you fair and square, stupid squirrel-brain - if I'm not 'posed to be here, what's that make you then!"

She had a lot to work on when it came to trash talking - namely that as this wasn't a fight between herself and her fellow apprentices, it wasn't nearly as appropriate in an actual battle. Especially when your chosen opponent was twice your size, and particularly correct in their assumption that you really shouldn't be there. 

"Just back off and give us our bridge back, berry-pickers." She snapped, dodging out of the way of Blackheart's claw swipes, but tripping over her own paws in the process, flopping onto her side with a graceless ode to her own name, losing precious seconds in order to try and right herself.


Someone's claws dug into her shoulder, and Foxstar let out a yowl as she twisted to shake them loose; not really fixing on who it was who'd taken on a leader - as she simply assumed it was Eveningstar's tactics to try and confuse her the most; after all, if a leader was out amongst their clan on a patrol, it was best to take them out first, no? Fat chance she would let herself be an easy target though; even as she did her best to actually plan her own attacks, circling back as her fur bristled, teeth bared and prepared to dart in and latch on to the most delicate of places. The voices of her clanmates, and Nightclan rang in her ears - those who should be neighbors enjoying a time of peace rather than taking advantage by making their own hardships. A few of those voices sounded much too young to be participating in battles.

"Who brings cats so young to participate in pointless battles, Eveningstar?!" She snapped, almost as shocked by that as she was by the attack itself. "If Nightclan is so worried about losing their young blood then perhaps they should stop bringing them into needless fights against righteous fighters, on their own territory no less!"


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don't mind me, just crying over fictional cats

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Post by mew on Sept 16, 2021 7:44:00 GMT

he/him • oakclan warrior

The metallic tang of blood rushed across his senses as Thistlemint’s tongue rasped roughly against the warm wound of his opponent, her unkempt brown fur lodged uncomfortably between his teeth. With a hiss, he felt claws rake across his breast and clamped down hard one more time on the queen’s shoulder before dislodging from her in an effort to evade her next swipe. Her claws clipped his shoulder this time as he turned, though they grazed him more lightly than the first blow.

He reeled back with a loud snarl. If nothing else, Thistlemint’s shrill volume always resulted in him winning a shouting match. His black lips were curled venomously as he ducked low and dove at Wolfthroat, aiming to tangle himself in her long legs. His own height made this a little tricky, but luckily for the OakClan warrior, he had nimbleness on his side. With a grunt, he slid to the damp, grassy ground with his icy gaze glued to the tabby.

notes:: sorry it's a bit short; Thistle rolled a 15 if that helps with deciding a reply ^^'

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Post by Tactical on Oct 7, 2021 12:26:55 GMT

Eveningstar could feel the blood rushing into his ears and was about to lunge forward when a familiar tone hit his ears. He whipped his head around as Foxstar asked why he brought such a young apprentice to battle. Foxdung Tumblepaw....why?!? His gaze shifted between Foxstar and Tumblepaw if he didn't act fast she would get hurt or even worse. He let out a snarl and was about to lunge towards Foxstar once more when he watched the young she-cat tumble across falling over her own paws.

Without thinking the black tom quickly changed stance rushing to his apprentices aid. Blackheart was a much more seasoned warrior and without trying could easily hurt an inexperienced cat such as she. He could feel a pain in his chest as he kicked up swampy dirt in his wake running towards the rocks at the rivers edge. "Tumblepaw move!!!" He yowled hoping he wouldn't be too late.

With a large leap and paws extended he shoved his apprentice with force pushing her out of paws reach. His wide he looked up at Blackheart came crashing down. Without even getting a chance to return the favor, he felt a gush of air expell from his lungs as his head smashed against a low rock. Eveningstar murmured a few words before reaching a lonely paw towards his apprentice, he locked eyes with her for just a moment before his eyes slowly closed, and his breathing stopped. Eveningstar had lost a life.

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